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The Value of the Independent Agent

We know in our role as independent agents, we have helped numerous clients over the years when they have been faced with a loss.  Although most clients appreciate our help at that time, when we compete against direct writers to earn their business, the expertise that it takes to assess the best coverage at the best price can be over looked in favor of price alone.  Chubb Insurance has a new video supporting the role of the independent agent.  It simply shares the value independent agents...

NCCI Changes Experience Modification Calculations

Workers' Compensation Experience Modification calculations are changing for the first time in years. This could actually be good news for those with no losses, but it will likely be painful for those with significant losses.  There are 38 states that use NCCI to set their workers' compensation rates.  Starting on January 1, 2013 the NCCI has adjusted what is know as the "split point" in an effort to more accurately reflect the risks frequency and severity of loss in their premium.  This is...

Agency Apostles

Customer service is the hallmark of a great agency.  We all think we provide good service, but what do our customers think? Agency management consultant Christine Sullivan, President of Innovative Management Solutions, shares her ideas for creating "agency apostles" an how to parlay their good will.


Agency apostles are those clients that are front-runners for your agency fan club.  They are those clients that are so above and beyond thrilled with their experience with your...

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