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The high cost of winter storms

Here in New England, insurance companies are busy fielding calls and claims related to snow, wind and water damage while meteorologists look to the next seven days. We're sorry to say that there is probably more snow in our immediate future - a pair of systems may pass through from Friday through Groundhog Day. The weekend snow is expected to be a few inches at most but weather watchers are watching Monday's patterns with mild concern. To stay up on breaking reports, we've compiled a New ...

Google auto insurance comparison shopping may be sooner rather than later

In the U.K., Google's auto insurance comparison shopper has already been up and running for two years and now the search Goliath has its sights set on the U.S. market - industry watchers say expect this development sooner rather than later. Julia Ybarra of Agency Checklists has been keeping an eye on recent reports and breaks it all down in her article Google Laying The Groundwork For Its On-Line Automobile Insurance Comparison Business. She features a screen shot of the UK site, which ...

Connecticut Medical Fee Schedule: One Mini-Step for Mankind

Connecticut has finally implemented a workers comp fee schedule for hospital and out-patient services. That's the good news. The bad news for CT employers is that the fee schedule, warmly embraced by the medical profession, is simply too generous. As a result, the savings to insurers and their insureds will be modest. Still, a mini step is better than no step at all. Under the new fee schedule, the state will cap reimbursement for in-patient services at 174% of the Medicare rate. ...

Elvis' 80th birthday and other January events for social media

January 8 is Elvis Presley's birthday - he'd have been 80 years old today. The special date is being marked by a new website and a reissue of his '60s recordings. Here are 8 ways to celebrate Elvis' birthday. It's a fun event to commemorate on Facebook, Twitter or your blog, coupled with a reminder that Elvis memorabilia and other valuable collections might need to be protected by a rider on a home insurance policy. When planning your January social media communications, it's a great ...

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