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Calculate the Cost of Agency Meetings

How much of your time is wasted on unproductive tasks each week? OK, worse still, how much time does your agency cumulatively waste? Just the cost of agency meetings alone can add up, but that's not all. An interesting article in The Atlantic looks at the Wasted Workday and what tasks consume our time, noting that only about 45% of the average employee's time is spent on core job responsibilities. "So what about the other 55 percent of the time? Their respondents reported spending 14 ...

Work Comp Scam

When we think of workers comp fraud, we usually focus on the actions of a primary stakeholder: employers (under-reporting payroll, misclassifying employees), doctors (billing for phantom or unnecessary treatments), lawyers (pocketing settlement dollars) and, last but not least, workers (faking injuries). When it comes to fraud, workers comp offers opportunities for just about everyone.

Today we examine a different approach to fraud, one that does not impact the comp system at...

Social Media Marketing: What's new; Best times to post; Achieving marketing goals

Social media marketing channels never stay static - it can be a full-time job to keep up with the changes. Here are a few big ones you may have missed. In late 2015, Facebook added mobile lead ads; also in the last quarter of 2015, LinkedIn Groups all were made private; and early in the new year, the rumor mill is buzzing with the news that Twitter may morph into a more robust publishing platform, going from 140 characters per tweet to 10,000 - a massive increase.

And here's a roundup of ...

Agency Focus - The Challenge of Change: Disruptive Success

To be an insurance agent is to face the curious fact that change is the only constant. Never was that more true than today, when threats and challenges abound. Markets shift at lightning speed. The technology-enabled customer is in the driver’s seat. Rapidly changing lifestyles require rapid response and rapidly changing products. New and emerging technologies such as self driving cars and the Internet of Things (IoT) reshape our industry...

Focus on Comp: Pot for Pain?

Let's begin the new year with a contemporary conundrum: the potential role of medical marijuana in the management of workplace injuries.

New Mexico is the first state to link medical marijuana to the workplace: a three judge Court of Appeals has ruled that employers must pay for pot when it is medically prescribed by an injured worker's doctor. The state is beginning to develop policies to implement this program. Minnesota is on the verge of approving the use of medical pot for chronic ...

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