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Robot cars: expect them on the roads in 5 years

If you thought that the reality of robot cars was still pretty far off into the future, you might be in for a surprise. U.S. automakers are rushing to make them a reality, partly because we are in a technology race with Asian and European markets. Insurance Networking News reports that 10 U.S. sites have been designated as proving grounds by the Department of Transportation, and the intent is to accelerate and validate the technology 

Massachusetts data breach records now public

If you want to find out about how many data breaches there were in Massachusetts in any given year and what companies were involved, you can now do that online. The Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation is now making data breach reports involving potential identity theft available to the public in a database on its website. Tara Seals of InfoSecurity magazine reports that in the past, these records could only have been obtained via a public records request. She notes that Massachusetts has been in the forefront of data security and discusses some of the state's current initiatives.

Annals of Workers Comp: "Sort of" Employees

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced an initiative to expand Uber and Lyft ride-hailing services to the Buffalo area. (We will not comment on the $750,000 in lobbying by Uber and Lyft that perhaps helped focus his attention on the need for services in this area.) While his announcement lacked much in the way of detail, there was one interesting highlight that caught our attention: the "independent contractor" drivers of the two companies would be required to carry workers comp insurance. An intriguing idea, but how would it work?

Cyber liability front and center as 2017 insurance issue

Brave new world, anyone? Lately, cyber threats are in the headlines every day and no organizations are impervious to the risk. Even international governments are grappling with privacy, data security and the integrity of vital infrastructure systems. How does the Main street business adjust to this reality? In Cyber Insurance Now Critical as Data Breaches Wreak Havoc, Jef Cozza of CIO Today reports on how the  insurance industry is stepping up to meet the challenge.   
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