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Leadership Lessons from Big Papi

If you've been watching this year's World Series -- and no doubt, you are if you are a true New Englander -- you've probably noticed that David Ortiz -- Big Papi, as his fans like to call him - had emerged as a true leader. His pep talk before the 6th inning in Game 4 were seen by many as pivotal, offering the inspiration teammates needed to turn things around. Check out this great article by Obnoxious Boston Fan in the Boston Globe's sports section: Ortiz delivers speech fit for king ...

Our Tongue-in-Cheek Take: Meeting the Threat of the Direct Writers

If you're an independent agent of any stripe, you've faced the challenge of competition from the direct insurance writers and their ubiquitous TV advertising spokespeople. To kick off our recent Renaissance Alliance Annual Meeting, we produced a tongue-in-cheek adventure clip where we take our revenge. We hope you enjoy it -- our staff had great fun making it.   Disclaimer: No actual people, reptiles or ad icons were actually injured in the making of this clip. If you are a New ...

Get ready: autonomous cars will be here sooner than you think - and they will reshape the auto insurance market

This past week, Toyota upped the ante in the race to bring autonomous cars to market - at the Consumer Insurance Blog, we have an update on some of the likely innovations that consumers will see at their auto dealers in the next decade -- along with an infographic from Chubb on consumer readiness for these features. For agents, these new technologies are more than just consumer conveniences: autonomous cars are an insurance game changer, a "killer app" -- one of those seismic events that ...

Post-catastrophe lawsuits for agent "failure to advise" are trending up

Insureds are increasingly bringing their brokers and agents to court for failure to advise about potential risks or coverage options, according to a recent article in Risk and Insurance.  The article cites several legal experts who note an increase in litigation and a trend indicating that insureds are holding agents to a higher standard than...

Spreading Our Wings & Taking Flight!

We're putting finishing touches on plans for our 2013 Renaissance Alliance Annual Meeting,  scheduled for next week in Newport Rhode Island. It's our tenth annual gathering, a time in which our 100+ Alliance agency members meet to take stock of the prior year and chart a course for the coming year. It's also a time for members to share ideas and to explore an exciting array of innovative products, technologies and services from our partner insurance carriers and service providers. This year, ...

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