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PwC report on new era of risk, challenges for brokers

PwC has issued a new report based on an in-depth survey of risk buyers from multinational corporations. “Broking 2020: Leading from the front in a new era of risk” looks at complex emerging risks ranging from cyber-attack to nanotechnology and the role that brokers should play. While the report focuses on global organizations, it holds lessons for commercial agents of any size or scope. The report says that insurance brokers are at a "once-in-a-generation crossroads" as disruptive forces ...

Freshly posted: Photos from the Renaissance Alliance Annual Meeting

Our recent Renaissance Alliance Annual Meeting was a rousing success - and now we have photographic proof! Check out the dozens and dozens of photos detailing everything from breakouts and demos to networking and socialization - relive it all at a portfolio posted on our Flickr page. Thanks to all who participated and special appreciation to our many wonderful sponsors.

Workplace Injuries: When the Mind Gets in the Way of Recovery

For people who do not read The Spine Journal - that would be most of us - there is an important article on the psychological aspects of recovery from injuries with implications for anyone who deals with workers comp. As many of us have seen, the speed of recovery for an injured worker is often unrelated to the severity of the injury. For some workers, the mind itself becomes a formidable obstacle to returning to productive employment. The Spine Journal tells us why. Researchers have ...

Bob Hollis, Hollis Insurance Agency, Named MAIA Pacesetter of the Year!

Renaissance Alliance member agent Bob Hollis, President of Hollis Insurance Agency, was recently named "Pacesetter of the Year" by Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA) – and we couldn’t be prouder! Bob joined the MAIA Board of Directors in 2005 and immediately became a member of their legislative committee. When the Massachusetts automobile insurance marketplace was undergoing dramatic changes, Bob assumed the chairmanship of MAIA's legislative committee, and they timing ...

Meet us at the Big Event 2014

Will you be attending the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents Big Event from November 6 to November 9? This MAIA event is the state's premier exhibition and educational conference for insurance professionals, attracting 1800 attendees spanning more than 20 different job titles. We'll be there - this is your opportunity to meet our staff, talk to some of our Alliance Members and learn why we are the premier New England agency aggregation or "insurance agency cluster." We're ...

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