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Avoid expensive copyright claims on your agency blog and website

It's very important that if you use photos or graphic images on your website, your blog or your social media accounts, you are careful about how you source those images. If you simply grab photos from Google's image search or find them elsewhere on the web, you could be inadvertently violating a copyright. The penalty for such violations can be steep, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Annals of Workers' Comp: The Case of the 88 Year Old Baggage Handler

For those who attended one of the workers comp "curiosities" sessions at the Renaissance annual meeting in Newport, nothing was more curious than the case of the 88 year old baggage handler. If you did not attend, you are likely wondering why an 88 year old man was handling up to 500 bags per shift for Spirit Airlines. What was the airline thinking?

How to honor veterans: Hire one!

Having trouble sourcing new hires for your agency? Think veterans! We're not speaking of veterans of the insurance industry, we're talking about military veterans. As we approach Veteran's Day weekend, it's something to consider. There's a huge labor pool, service members have developed valuable job experience and work values, and hiring a qualified vet might bring an additional benefit in the form of a financial incentive.

Emerging market opportunities in the gig economy

While the digital revolution is taking a toll on many traditional industries - media, financial services, retail and more - the news from the new economy isn't all about industries that are shrinking: it's also a growth story as many new industry sectors and jobs emerge. So what are the opportunities for the astute insurance agency to tap into? One obvious growth sector is the emerging "gig economy."
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