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Have you set any agency New Year's resolutions?

It’s that time of year again: a time to reflect on your insurance agency’s performance over the prior year and ways to use that information as a base for setting goals for the coming year. If you haven’t yet set any agency New Year’s resolutions, we have some food for thought courtesy of our partner, Oak Street Funding. Firstly they recently conducted a survey to determine underlying agency trends and found something that is worth....

Workers Comp Alert: As the Policy Year Begins...

For many of your commercial accounts, the new calendar year and the workers comp policy year both begin on January 1. By now, most of these accounts know their experience mod for PY 16. The beginning of a policy year is by no means a time to set these valued accounts aside for later consideration. In fact, the beginning of a policy should trigger actions ensuring a successful approach to the next policy – the one beginning in January 2017. (Keep in mind that the steps I am about to outline...

Renaissance Alliance Insurance Agents Show What It Means to Be a Caring Company

This is a repost from our Caring Company Giving Tuesday blog post. Renaissance Alliance insurance agents have a connection to their communities that larger organizations just can’t match. This Giving Tuesday, Renaissance Alliance is recognizing several of our member agencies for their charity and volunteer efforts. These agencies demonstrate the power of giving back - showing that with passion and dedication, all of us can do something to have a positive impact on the places we call ...

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