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Financial literacy, distracted driving & other April insurance themes for social media

T.S. Eliot called April "the cruelest month" and anyone who has to write a check out to Uncle Sam on Tax Day might agree. But it's also a time of rejuvenation, longer days and sure signs of spring. Some of the key themes you may want to emphasize in your communications are financial literacy, Public Health Week and spring maintenance checks for home, car and business. For those planning weddings in the next several months, you might also check in on Wedding Insurance. We’ve compiled a list ...

New MA Headlight Law & a Cool Tool About Motor Laws

If you live in New England, there's a new MA law about headlight use that you may want to tell your clients about. Starting in a few months, you will need to have your headlights on anytime you need your wipers. Owen Gallagher of Agency Checklist offers the detail, noting that it's a violation the police can pull you over for -- plus: A violation of the statute does only carry a nominal fine. However, the Safe Driver Insurance Plan includes the amended statute, M.G.L. c. 85, § 15, in its ...

Building and Optimizing Your LinkedIn Company Page

Chances are, you and many of your agency associates have profiles on LinkedIn. With about 347 million users, it's growing increasingly rare to find a business professional who does not have at least a minimal presence on the site. But do you know that your agency can have a profile page, too? They're called "company pages" and with tools that enable posting of status updates and allow members to follow your organization, they've become much more useful than they were in the past. You ...

Big I's 2015 Market Share Study: Growth & opportunities for independent insurance agents

The 2015 Market Share Study from the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America was recently released and it offers a snapshot of the overall health of the independent agency system, with "many positive signs of strong overall health and considerable growth opportunities for independent agents and brokers."  The report shows growth of $25 billion in 2013, noting that this is the third year in a row that that all property‐casualty insurance premium lines grew. The report says that, "At ...

Boost your online productivity with Google tricks & tools

Be a search wizard! Learning a few tricks and tools that are built into Google can make your day much more productive. Google is far more than just a search engine, it's also a dictionary, a calculator, a currency converter and more - if you just know the tricks. Huffington Post offers a great animated tutorial that shows these Google tricks in action, or you can see a quick summary in the infographic by Veravo. You can find even more at 17 Amazing hacks Google Can Do, which offers tricks ...

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