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Annals of Comp: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

This week is the 106th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist fire[LINK1] in New York City. The fire in the Asch office building killed 146 people, mostly young women, mostly recent immigrants. Workers were trapped on the 8th, 9th and 10th floors of a high-rise factory in Greenwich Village. Fire exits were locked (to prevent theft) and the one rickety fire escape collapsed under the weight of fleeing workers. Fire trucks were useless, as their ladders only reached the 6th floor.

Two for Tuesday: Market Trends and Opportunities

From our recent web readings, we offer two items that caught our eye this week: Want to know where new business opportunities lie? Get insight into trending buyer behaviors? Recent trade press articles offer some clues. In Insurance Journal, Amy O' Connor and Andrea Wells focus on five hot markets for 2017, and in PropertyCasualty360, Patricia Harman delineates 10 trends impacting the insurance industry.

Annals of Workers Comp: New Hazards for a Second-Class Workforce

We have all seen hard-working individuals who may lack legal status in America. They are mowing lawns, tending gardens, painting houses, harvesting crops, and providing day labor. They are constructing office buildings, roads and bridges. They are preparing food in restaurants and stocking shelves in grocery stores. They are everywhere and we all depend on the work they do.

Are you among the 52% of agencies without a perpetuation plan?

As we approach tax season, that old Benjamin Franklin saying comes to mind: "In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." Franklin identified two things we'd rather not think about. We are nudged into thinking about taxes every year, but we'd all prefer not to think about our own demise. And if the recent survey on agency perpetuation plans is to be credited, more than half of all agency owners avoid thinking about the possibility of their own demise because they do not have succession plans in place.

Sales 101: Stop talking yourself out of a sale

At high performing agencies, sales functions are not an island inhabited by a select few. Every staff member plays an important role in furthering your brand and selling your organization. While your designated sales staff might be your primary sales ambassadors, your customer service reps are your secret weapon. Good service includes using one's expertise to solve customer problems and anticipate customer needs: in other words, selling.
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