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Money, spring maintenance, safety, summer toys and more themes for your agency's April social media messaging

April is Financial Literacy Month, an opportune time to talk to clients about financial planning. There are also several national awareness campaigns that focus on important safety issues: window safety, work zone awareness, public health, distracted driving and youth sports safety - all of which can be highlighted on social media. Plus, with the start of spring, there are seasonal reminders about home, property and vehicle maintenance. Focus on all the summer toys: boats, bikes, RVs and motorcycles. We've gathered a list of April events with links to jump-start your communications.

A Transformation at Harvard: Not-So-Independent Contractors Become Employees

The status of independent contractors is one of the fundamental dividing lines in today's economy. Independent contractors receive no benefits. If it snows (and lord knows, it has snowed), contractors are not paid for missed days. There is no paid vacation, no paid sick leave, no retirement. In a word, independent contractors receive nothing beyond a raw payment for services rendered. So it matters a lot if a worker is paid as an independent contractor, but functions more like an employee.

Intro to blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT)

There's a lot of buzz about blockchain and its potential to disrupt many industries, but if you're like many business people, it's one of those confusing future tech developments that you haven't given a lot of thought to yet. It's an important development that should be on your radar - so we're offering some introductory thoughts to get you up to speed.

Mobile security alert: Juice Jacking

Plugging your phone or laptop into a public charging kiosk or using an unfamiliar charging cable can expose your device to malicious software stored on the cable itself. This malware runs the gamut from sniffer software that installs itself invisibly then watches what you do with your device and reports your actions to a third-party that slurps down your private data (contacts, photos, files, and passwords) while your device is juicing up.
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