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May 2013 - Themes for your social media campaigns

Need some ideas and inspiration for your social media campaigns, client communications, and staff events? We can help! We've compiled a list of holidays, special events, and national commemorative days for the month of May.  For many,  we've included a link to get you started - these lead to local events, free promotional materials, and information that you can use to update your blogs, your Twitter feeds and your FaceBook pages.  Some events promote serious health and safety themes that can...

Have You Tried LinkedIn?

Do you have a LinkedIn page?  Should you have a LinkedIn page?  While Facebook is a great place to build online relationships within your local community, LinkedIn is a "must" to build your professional image and reach out to commercial prospects.  This is particularly true if you have a specific niche in your commercial customer profile, such as truckers, contractors, municipalities, etc.  Build out your profile completely and then start connecting with people you know.  The more people you...

Have You Told Your Customers? April is Financial Literacy Month

April is recognized as Financial Literacy Month - and good timing too, since money is top of mind for many of us as we grapple with putting our financial houses in order to file our annual taxes. According to Wikipedia, this tradition goes back to the year 2000, kicked off by Jump$tart, a coalition of organizations dedicated to improving the financial literacy of youth. In  2004, the Senate jumped on the bandwagon officially designating April as National Financial Literacy Month for...

Taking the Plunge Into Social Media

We are barraged with information telling us we need to dive into social networking, but when it comes to defining what your agency will get out of it, things get a bit abstract. The tendency can be to "wait until things shake out" but the problem is, that will be way too late. It can help if you boil things down to the basics. Our business has always been about relationships and getting our message out. In the past, we ran ads in Yellow Pages and sent out postcards or other mailers. We did ...

Insurance Proposal E & O Benefits - Part 2

One of our favorite expert contributors, shares his ideas for  how to be sure your proposals help to prevent an E&O situation rather than make a bad situation worse in the event of a claim.  In Part 2, he provides key ingredients for every proposal and shares how a little preparation can go a long way to protecting your agency. Accomplishing the E&O Benefits of Your Insurance Proposals by Curtis M. Pearsall, CPCU, AIAF, CPIA President - Pearsall Associates Inc. Key ingredients of ...

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