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Rhode Island: The Case of the Shady Drivers

One of the great benefits in tracking insurance across New England is following the stories. Which today brings us to JPL Livery Services, a company with a rather unique contract with the state Department of Health: between 1998 and 2005, they provided transportation for corpses from the location where the death occurred to the medical examiner's office. The drivers had no problem with chatty customers, for sure. JPL received $120 for deliveries within Providence and $125 for deliveries ...

Will MA eliminate noncompete agreements?

Do you have commercial clients in the tech or life sciences sector? Here's an issue to watch. Earlier this month, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick announced his support for the elimination of non-compete agreements for workers in for workers in technology, life sciences, and other industries. His stance is that such agreements hinder innovation. Currently, California is the only state that has a law prohibiting noncompete clauses in employment contracts. According to the Boston ...

Affordable Care Act and Workers Comp: For Better or for Worse?

NCCI recently published its 2014 Issues Report on Workers Compensation. To no one's surprise, part of their attention is on the Affordable Care Act  - the ACA, better known as Obamacare.  Even though workers comp represents a very small portion of the medical dollars spent in the U.S., it's an important dollar for those of us trying to help employers contain costs. With over 7 million people accessing health insurance through the ACA's networks, and the prospect that millions more will ...

News Roundup: Headlines on the National & New England Front

7 Smart Steps to Reaching Today's Insurance Consumers Boston Attacks Mark Major Shift in Who's Buying Terror Insurance Insurance Agents Learn How to Market to People Unlike Themselves Understanding an Agent's E&O Risks When an Insurer Becomes Insolvent Growing Pains for Rideshare Services Why social media is too important to ignore How to Utilize Social Media for Sales Survey: 9 of 10 P&C Insurance Customers Trust Their Providers New England economy growing ...

Workers Comp for "Student Athletes"?

Football players at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, filed an action with the local office of the Labor Relations Board in Chicago: they sued the university to change their status from "student athletes" to "Coemployees." They won their case. The university has appealed; meanwhile, the status of student athletes – and the enormous revenues generated by college competition across the country - is suddenly up in the air. Let's set aside the issue of whether the students will ...

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