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Social Media Themes for Your Insurance Agency in June

June marks the official start of summer - or at least, that's the theory - it hasn't felt much like impending summer here in New England. Nevertheless, June is the month with the longest daylight hours of the year in the Northern Hemisphere - and it's filled with commemorations and special dates that can be used as a starting point in your client communications. One noteworthy event occurs on June 1 - the third anniversary of the Springfield tornado. See: 3 years later, Springfield tornado ...

Finding & using images in your agency's social media posts

Some sayings become cliches because they are true - take the old adage about a picture being worth a thousand words. Images definitely promote engagement with and call more attention to your social media endeavors - from blog posts and Facebook to LinkedIn and now even Twitter. But quality counts... and so does copyright - you can't just copy any images you find in a Google search, no matter how cool they may be. This handy infographic offers a primer on the use of images - where and how to ...

Competition watch: Turnkey insurance agencies

Insurance agents will need to work harder to earn customer loyalty as new entrants encroach on traditional distribution channels. Research earlier this year shows that up to 67% of insurance buyers express openness to buying policies from nontraditional sources like Google and Amazon. (See: The "Switching" Economy: Consumers Open to Buying Insurance from Google, Amazon, Verizon) Worse, the threat is not a future one: Walmart recently began selling auto insurance online. While policies are ...

Are you your own worst enemy?

Should you worry less about the big direct writers and more about the enemy within? Alan L. Shulman makes the case that internal enemies aren't as clear-cut as external ones, but they may be doing as much or even more harm. He says that internal enemies "... take on the murky shapes of strategic mistakes and tactical errors"  and offers nine examples in his recent article in Insurance Journal: Some Independent Agents Are Their Own Worst Enemy We liked the "shooting oneself in the foot" ...

What is a Caring Company?

Renaissance Alliance Insurance Services is delighted to announce the launch of Caring Company, our newest strategic marketing and brand loyalty initiative to be paired with RAIS branded peer-to-peer social media sales campaigns. Caring Company affords us an opportunity to formally recognize, promote and showcase our member agents, our strategic carrier partners and our agents' existing commercial lines customers who demonstrate exceptional generosity and commitment to societal and ...

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