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Great Outdoors Month, work safety, fireworks & more: June social media themes for your insurance agency

Time to dust off the bikes and sporting equipment and head outside to celebrate Great Outdoors Month! There are many events and celebrations in June to fill your social media timelines, plus plenty of safety and risk management opportunities for reminders and tip communications with your customers: water and boating safety, beach safety, pool safety, safe grilling, safe biking, and prepping your home to be secure while you are taking those summer vacations. Plus, June is National Safety Month, and the National Safety Council suggest a workplace theme for each week of the month.

Annals of Workers Comp: Taking "Compensation" Out of Workers Compensation?

For nearly 20 years Brian Benoit worked as an EMT for the city of Boston. In September 2011 he injured his ankle while transporting a patient and went out on workers comp. A year later he was indicted for prior misuse of controlled substances intended for ambulance patients; the indictment listed 73 counts of criminal misconduct. As a result, he was suspended without pay, under the City of Boston policy that states employees "shall not receive any compensation or salary during the period of suspension."

Blogging: Why your agency should get over the fear and loathing

Why Does Almost Everyone In Insurance Hate Blogging? That's an excellent question posed by Kelly Donahue Piro of Agency Appeal. She tackles the topic in one of her blog posts, and effectively shoots down five common rationalizations that agency principals often pose about why they don't have an agency blog ... she's heard them all: "I'm too busy", "I don't have anything to write about", "nobody buys from blogs" ... etc. We hear the same things.

News to know this week

Need to catch up on the news? Here's a digest of news stories that passed our desk this week. We offer quite the mix, from the latest on flood insurance, a primer on chatbots, and news on agency valuations and industry analysis.
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