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Comp in Connecticut: General Contractors on the Hook for Subs

Sole proprietors and independent contractors are a perpetual conundrum for workers comp. State regulators have struggled with the fundamental issue: are they in or out, covered or not? In most states, coverage for a sole proprietor is optional; given the high cost of coverage in the building trades, most opt out. However, when sole proprietors work for general contractors - as they often do - the opt-out option may disappear. In the audit process, the GC must be able to prove that all ...

Insurance News Beat: Electronic filing, rental car gaps, data breach & more

MA DIA requires electronic filing - as of Jan. 1, 2014, The Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents will cease accepting paper copies of Form 101 Employers First Report of Injury. Beginning in 2014, all First Reports of Injury will be required to be filed electronically. Rental car gaps - Agency Checklists features a law alert about uncovered auto risks from rented vehicles & the standard MA auto policy. Insureds may run a big uninsured risk in letting a spouse, son, daughter, ...

Friday Follies: Medieval Help Desk - change is hard!

Change is hard. People have struggled with adapting to new technologies since the dawn of civilization. Our video clip of the week features a Medieval Help Desk technician trying to get a user comfortable with a bold new concept: the book. What a time saver!

Focus on Workers Comp: Key milestones in the Policy Year

Workers comp is among the most lost sensitive policies issued to your insureds. The more they use it, the higher their premiums. With the goal of keeping losses low - and holding onto valued clients - agents need to be aware of the key milestones in the policy year. Today we will briefly outline the flow of the policy year: what happens, when, and what insureds need to know in order to manage their costs. Policy Inception Most people know when their policy begins: the date when the old ...

Insurance News Beat: Market Pulse, High Net Worth, Occupational Crime & more from the headlines

Market Pulse - Commercial Lines Rate Increases Hold Steady at 5% in May; Personal Lines Up to 4% - both the commercial and the personal markets continue to harden, according to the latest reports by MarketScout. Leading the pack on the commercial side: Commercial property, GL and workers’ comp policies were up by 6%  in May 2013 compared to May 2012. And in personal lines, both homeowners and auto were up...

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