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A lesson about heroism from a volunteer firefighter

Volunteer firefighter Mark Bezos tells a story of an act of heroism that didn't go quite as expected -- but that taught him a big lesson. It's an entertaining video clip that will take less than 5 minutes of your time -- time we think will be well spent. Bezos' message fits in nicely with Caring Company, our newest Renaissance Alliance initiative designed to  recognize companies that embody a culture of genuine caring through actions and deeds at all levels of the organization. For ...

LinkedIn User Portrait 2014 - How do you compare?

If you use LinkedIn, you are probably a bit curious about how much and what it gets used for What are LinkedIn's most popular features with other users? How many contacts do most people have? What percentage of users pay for the premium service? Wonder no more. According to recent research conducted by Wayne Breitbarth/Power Formula, most active LinkedIn users spend at least three hours per week on the platform, have free accounts, and allow their connections to see the rest of their ...

Compendium of cringeworthy customer service sins & mistakes

Business consultant and author Micah Solomon focuses on the customer experience and company culture. Recently he posted an article on 13 of the worst customer service mistakes in Forbes. It's a good read an worth your time - some of the comments that his post sparked are also worth reading. As an antidote, see his post on Customer Service Expert Advice: 5 All-Time Top Tips There are definitely lessons for the insurance industry to learn. Gartner Research recently graded the P&C industry ...

Your agency's social media by the numbers: 34 minutes, 36 rules

How long should you devote to social media every day? Some people think it's a full time job or that it requires at least a few hours a day -- but that's not necessarily the case. It does require discipline and making it a regular part of your routine -- but it can be accomplished in much less time. Dana Sullivan Kilroy suggests you can represent your brand amply by devoting 34 minutes or less a day to social media and explains how in some detail, covering Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. ...

Driving into a future without brakes: autonomous cars

We are fast approaching a future in which phrases like "pedal to the metal" and "hitting the brakes" may be as quaint as "Whoa, Nellie." Google's recent release of a cute, buglike autonomous car prototype took center stage on the Internet over the past week. Unlike past models, this one is the real thing, a car totally driven by computers. It also sparked a lot of attention in other circles, too. At last week's annual Automotive News Congress, the big debate was whether autonomous cars ...

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