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Focus on Workers' Comp: How Workers Get Hurt

The Travelers has issued an interesting analysis of 1.5 million comp claims filed between 2010 and 2014. The data provides a snapshot of the riskiest activities in the American workplace. Nearly one third of all injuries involved material handling, with slips and falls in second place at 16 percent  (no doubt with seasonal peaks in winter); 10 percent involved being struck by or colliding with something (this would include auto accidents); 7 percent involved tools; and 4 percent were the result of cumulative trauma. There are lots of ways to get hurt at work, but moving things around is clearly number one.

Bruce Cochrane Named Chair of Governing Committee, WCRIBMA

Bruce Cochrane has been named Chair of the Governing Committee, Workers’ Compensation Rating & Inspection Bureau of Massachusetts (WCRIBMA) for a one-year term as an insurance carrier representative for Meadowbrook Insurance. This marks Cochrane’s 26th year of service to WCRIBMA. During those years, he is the only person to have served as Chair five times and to hold the Chair for two consecutive terms. 

Fit for a Cause: Mariela’s Miles

Some activities are just win-win right from the start. For example, getting your agency staff engaged in fun wellness activities like group walking is beneficial to your employee's health, which in turn yields benefits to your bottom line; Engaging your employees in local charitable events is a great way to better your community while reinforcing your agency brand and strengthening your local business ties. Both of these are examples of win-win activities. But if you're creative about it, you can combine fitness and charity for a double win-win, essentially knocking the ball out of the park. Check out Mariela's Miles, a recent case in point from our own Renaissance Alliance team!

Tools of the trade: Social media marketing communications

There's no shortage of online advice about how to do social media right, but there are some resources that we think stand head and shoulders above others. One that we highly recommend is, the home of Ragan Communications, which has been a leading publisher of corporate communications, public relations, and newsletters for more than three decades. Ragan has pretty much been the PR practitioner's bible. Over those 30 years, they've also expanded their focus to encompass the changing media landscape, offering great advice at social media. What we like is that their advice is solidly rooted in and integrated with fundamental marketing communications and PR. Here are some reasons why they should earn a place on your "key tools" bookmark list.

Changing a tire at 60 mph

Insurance carriers have traditionally been wedded to a top down model of market distribution but today there is an enormous sea change as this model is upended and the consumer is having more and more say about how these things operate. Expect the emergence of new underwriting entities as highly funded, well-heeled non-insurance  entrepreneurs armed with great technology challenge existing models at the retail level. There's also likely to be a proliferation of products addressing micro-risks, small slivers of risk that aren't insured right now, as business is driven from the bottom up rather than top down. Renaissance Alliance principal Bruce Cochrane looks at the changing insurance carrier landscape and how the industry is being challenged and transformed by evolving technologies and the explosion of data.

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