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Auto Insurance Customer Satisfaction Survey

Here's a great post by Renaissance President, Bruce Cochrane J D Power released the results of their annual auto insurance customer satisfaction survey last week and it offers some interesting observations. Overall, satisfaction country wide is down from last year, driven mostly by average increases in auto insurance premiums. The jewel in this survey's results is that customers who are given early notification of premium increases and provided with advice on how to mitigate the increases ...

Making the Close

"Timid salesmen have skinny kids." - Zig Ziglar Anna Mar says that "Closing is a salesperson's bread and butter. Without it no salesperson can thrive. As a result, closing strategies aren't exactly for the timid." At the Simplicable blog, she offers a handy list of 20 Closing Strategies for Sales that run the gamut from the Presumptive Close to the Puppy Dog Close. Take the time to check it out - it's an easy list to read quickly. But wait -- there appears to be one important close ...

Insurance News Beat: Climate change, low interest rate toll, auto thefts & more

Climate Change Altering Insurers' Risk Assessment - Industry Week features an article looking at how, "climate change is creating more frequent and more unpredictable extreme weather events, forcing insurers to change how they assess the risk of natural disasters hitting a specific area." The story is based on the recent release of a 38-page report, titled "Warming of the Oceans and implications for the (re)insurance industry" by global insurance think-tank, the Geneva Association. "A ...

10 Basic Facebook Do's and Don'ts For Your Agency

When your agency creates its first Facebook page, there's a huge sense of pride, but also a sense of fear, right? What should you post? How often? What else should you be doing besides posting? The list goes on and on and on. The reason Facebook is so important for your agency is because social activity is playing a larger role in where your insurance website ends up in search results. So when an insurance consumer searches for "insurance in Boston" the likelihood of your agency's ...

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