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Business lessons from Weird Al

In the surprise success story of the month, Weird Al Yankovic is taking social media and the Billboard charts by storm. His comedy album "Mandatory Fun" is top of the charts, particularly notable because the last time a comedy album took the #1 spot was some 50 years ago. At Forbes, Richard Eisenberg says "Truth is, however, that Weird Al made four brilliant career moves that helped catapult him to No. 1 - and I suggest other midlifers emulate them." See 4 Career Lessons From Weird Al ...

Tornado aftermath: Revere roundup

Will the Revere tornado damage qualify for federal aid? Not likely. reports: Based on initial assessments of the damage, Revere will likely not meet the eligibility requirements for federal help, according to Terrel Harris of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security. The Federal Emergency Management Agency's Public Assistance Program has a threshold of $9.1 million in damages, and the FEMA Individual Assistance Program requires 100 homes to be destroyed ...

Social Media & Lead Generation

If you're active on several social media channels, you might be wondering about your return on investment. The marketing costs might be deceptive - while cash-wise, it's pretty inexpensive to promote your agency on social media channels, your time is money, too. You only have so much bandwidth and you need to focus on activities that yield the best results. That's why we like this post and infographic on using social media for lead generation ... it goes beyond the idea of just having a ...

Workers' Comp Whitepaper: Medical Only Claims in Massachusetts

Most agents have received this question from workers' comp clients at some point: Can we just pay the smaller medical-only claims ourselves rather than go through the insurer? At one time, this "off-the-books" practice was fairly commonplace -- but is it a good idea? We offer guidance for agents and employers alike in this short whitepaper, Insured Payment of Medical-Only Workers' Comp Claims in Massachusetts - feel free to download this PDF.

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