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Report: Cyber insurance market growth, performance

Recently, Aon released its US Cyber Market Update, the the third edition of their US Cyber Insurance Profits and Performance study. The study looks at US insurers and is based on an analysis of data from National Association of Insurance Commissioners statutory filings. The report shows continued market growth, both in terms of premium growth and the number of US insurers writing the coverage. The report covers both stand-alone and package policies.

Independent Contractors and Workers Comp: MA Court Ruling a Game Changer

The MA Supreme Judicial Court recently issued the Camargo ruling, which has profound implications for the workers comp system. In a word, the ruling renders the Attorney General's 2008 Advisory irrelevant when determining whether, for the purposes of workers comp, a person is an employee or an independent contractor.

Adapting to continuous disruption

For more than 130 years, Edison General Electric, later known as GE, filled our homes and businesses with inventions and innovative technologies. The company was founded in 1889 and was booted from the Dow Jones Average last month. Cycles of disruption are accelerating. Business leaders must adapt to a new reality: continuous disruption.
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