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Do you find you are working away from your office more and more often? If so, you are probably depending on your smart phone to get work done. The IIA of North Carolina compiled the Top 10 Mobile Apps for Agents - and while most of them aren't insurance specific, they offer utilities that will help you be more efficient at work... we're big fans of two entries, Evernote and DropBox... Insurance Journal has an even more extensive list: 50 Top Apps For Independent Agents Here are a few ...

Marketing to Baby Boomers

A big demographic for most insurance agents is the baby boom generation.  Whether you have insured them for years or are hoping to sell them retirement planning products, this generation is an important segment of our business and why wouldn't they be when they tend to be a generation with money to spend?  We know this generation has evolved to shopping online, but a recent study on baby boomer online shopping habits conducted by Infosys show that they have not followed the path of the ...

Insurance News Beat: Cyber insurance, Long-term Care Future, Social Media Trends & More

Cyber Liability - The Wall Street Journal reports that a survey of risk management professionals across multiple business sectors  by Experian shows a growing interest in cyber insurance. Of those surveyed, 31% report that they have cyber security insurance policies, while 39% said they plan to purchase a policy in the future. Related: Top 5 Questions Clients Ask About Cyber Liability - Protect both your clients and your agency’s E&O by explaining this critical coverage. Read about the ...

Renaissance Alliance in the News

There's lots of news to share on the Renaissance Alliance home front this week! First,  a collective pat on the back to our agency members ... in the Insurance Journal, Renaissance Alliance has made a debut in the "Top 20 Agency Network/Aggregator Groups" listing - clocking in at #5, an impressive achievement given the national scope. You  can download a PDF copy of the August 8 Insurance Journal, which also includes the Top 100 Retail Agencies Our members have been making news, ...

The science of sinkholes - and what you need to know

There are some stories that are so scary that they grab media focus and public attention - the result is that the fear generated can outweigh the actual risk. Every summer, there's a spate of horrifying shark attack stories, yet the risk of being attacked by a shark is pretty remote compared to more mundane every day risks. This year's candidate for scare story of the year might just be sinkholes. The idea of the ground collapsing below our feet and swallowing us up is pretty horrific, ...

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