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What Makes an Effective Sales Process?

What makes an effective sales process? Kissmetrics has gathered some interesting facts and stats in an infographic. Here are a few of the key take-aways: The single most important thing might be response time - data shows that 35-50% of sales for to the vendor that responds first. At a typical organization, 13% of sales reps bring in 87% of the revenue. 40% of teams do not have a playbook. Companies that do have a playbook are 33% more likely to be high performers. Leads who were ...

Ridesharing tools for your insureds

Picture this: You are driving in downtown Boston, you pull over to park and a stranger tries to jump in your car. Relax - it may not be a carjacking, it may just be a confused consumer who mistakes you as their Uber or Lyft ride. That's actually happening. Just in case you've been vacationing on Mars and haven't noticed, ridesharing services are exploding in popularity in the nation's major urban centers - and state legislators and insurance regulators are scrambling to warn and protect ...

News ticker: National & New England headlines of note

Florida Court Declares Workers' Comp as Exclusive Remedy Unconstitutional Insurance Research Council: Uninsured Motorists a Perplexing, Pervasive Concern Staking a claim: Agents' role in customer claims service Soft P/C Market Flattens Independent Agencies’ Organic Growth in Q2: Reagan Consulting Workers' comp lost time claim costs are going up; here's how to keep them down Young Agents Rate Flexibility, Career Growth Over Technology: Vertafore Survey Drug-Free Workplaces In ...

Emerging Technology Risks

Technology innovations continue at an explosive pace, but with them come new risk exposures for your clients. The Risk & Insurance editorial writers and Travelers teamed up to present a quick infographic on 7 emerging technology risks from wearables and 3-d printing to drones and "the internet of things." It's a quick read, it will only take a minute or two of your time -- but it should get you thinking about the brave new world ahead. It's never to soon to plan ahead - the future has a way ...

A Tale of Three Classes

Classification is one of the great conundrums of workers compensation. Whatever a company's primary class, they would prefer one with a lower rate (assuming, of course, that the rate does not suddenly spike upward). But sometimes tinkering with class codes has a disastrous result. Here is a cautionary tale from New York. Statewide Fireproof Door is a small family business that does what the name says it does: they make and install fireproof doors. For many years they operated in class ...

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