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Renaissance member agents talk about the benefits of belonging to Renaissance Alliance

What makes independent agents decide to join a so-called agency aggregation, cluster, or grouping? Increased access to insurance markets would probably be the number one reason, but increased access to markets and higher profit share alone are no longer sufficient for agencies to thrive and remain relevant in a disruptive marketplace.

Social Media Infographic: Image & video sizing

Did you ever wonder how to optimize the look of your agency's social media channels? All too often, many of us use one image across all accounts, but this is a case where precision matters quite a bit to the quality of your organization's brand. It's important that your logo and any images that you use are crisp and sized to fit the available media's size specifications. But with so many social channels, who can keep track? Good news: the people at Spredfast keep track, and they share the info in a handy 2017 infographic.

Expert advice: The importance of leadership in motivating your agency team

Agency principals wear many hats, but probably none are more important than that of leading the agency team: setting the vision and the goals, and inspiring people daily. Business leadership guru Ken Blanchard says "Great managers aren't born, they're trained." How often do you have a refresher course to hone and refresh your leadership skills? We offer two Ken Blanchard anecdotes highlighting the importance of your role as leader.

The insurance chatbots are coming

Myth: No one wants to talk to a machine. Reality: Millions of people are happily engaging with iPhone’s Siri, Amazon's Alexa and Google's Assistant. Every day, people are having their questions answered via customer service chatbots, both by voice and by text. Artifical Intelligence (AI) is powering these agents, which grow more sophisticated by the day. Gartner predicts that by 2020, AI will handle 85% of all customer service interactions.

Annals of Workers Comp: Sort of Comp?

When is disability coverage for workers not quite workers comp? When it's part of an optional program that covers workers who are not quite employees. Confused? Read on. Uber, in the news lately for the wrong reasons, has taken steps to provide a disability program for its drivers (who are still not employees of Uber).
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