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Social Media Themes for Your Agency in October

October offers a variety of events that serve as a natural springboard for insurance communications to your customers - from cyber security and fire prevention to workplace driving awareness and crime prevention. Plus, there are several health awareness, public service and just plain fun events, too. We've compiled a list of links and resources to jump-start your communications, whether they be in social media, e-mail or snail mail.  Let your customers know you are looking out for their ...

A risk most people don't think about

It's human nature to spend more energy worrying about unlikely occurrences than some of the very real risks we face every day. Very few people are killed by sharks each year, but it's a topic guaranteed to make headlines every summer. An average person's risks of being killed by a terrorist are quite low but the dramatic and gruesome headlines of the day make that risk seem greater. Our minds play tricks with risk. But here's one risk for you that very few people spend much time thinking ...

FedEx Business Model: Pothole or Sinkhole?

In 2013 Fortune Magazine named FedEx as a top 100 "best company to work for" (ranked 98th). The following year, the company fell off the list. But who exactly works for FedEx? Not the delivery drivers you see scurrying around town in their white FedEx trucks, their crisp FedEx uniforms (dark shoes, dark socks) and well-trimmed hair. These drivers are "independent contractors." Key cogs in the FedEx structure, they are on their own for health insurance, retirement, workers comp, paid ...

Social Media Etiquette Guide for Business

We couldn't think of a better day to post this great infographic -- a social media etiquette guide for business -- than Talk Like a Pirate Day, a celebration that takes over the internet on September 19 every year. This mock holiday illustrates one of our favorite social media rules: "Always keep the 80/20 rule! Entertain and inform your audience first, sell to them second." Pirate insurance, anyone? While it's OK to have your pirate manners today, check out the infographic for tips on ...

Agent's Corner: Jailtime for Bonzer?

With most of our focus on agent best practices, it's worth an occasional glance at the opposite end of the spectrum: the bizarre actions that get wayward agents into a lot of trouble. Which brings us to Jacob Bonzer, a California agent recently arrested (on the run in Chicago) on 96 felony counts, including selling bogus workers comp policies to CA businesses. If there were an IQ test for felons, Bonzer would fall toward the bottom. Here are some of his "worst practices": Booked phony ...

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