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Papal insurance: Case study in special event insurance

Several thousand politicians, public safety officials and security personnel can breathe a sigh of relief now that the Pope is back on his home soil. While his visit to the U.S. was a resounding success, a behind-the-scenes security effort was working overtime pulling out all stops. The enormity of the events and the risk they posed is boggling: Driving in a glass bubble through crowds of millions; visiting venues as diverse as the White House, Congress, the UN, a convent, an inner city ...

How to become an insurance thought leader

Are you an insurance thought leader? An industry influencer? Wikipedia defines thought leadership as "an individual or firm that is recognized as an authority in a specialized field and whose expertise is sought and often rewarded." Sounds intriguing? Here's the good news. If you are an insurance agency owner or principal, you're already partway there in the expertise area - but the next step is sharing your expertise in a targeted and disciplined fashion with a goal of building and ...

Safety in the NFL: Injured Referees

With all the attention on the inherent risks of injury for professional football players, we tend to overlook the risks to the people charged with controlling mayhem on the field: referees work in an environment where huge athletes run at full speed, blast into opponents and, occasionally, knock down an official. During a kick off return in Denver this past Sunday, line judge Gary Arthur was run over by a Baltimore Raven. He suffered nine (!) broken ribs and a collapsed lung. He remains ...

Are we seeing an end to insurance market cycles?

In commercial insurance - particularly workers comp - hard and soft market cycles have been almost a law of nature. While not quite as predictable, they rise and fall like the tides. But is the “what goes up must come down” mentality of insurance market cycles becoming obsolete? Bret Shroyer makes that case in his post at Insurance Thought Leadership: Are Market Cycles Finally Ending? Shroyer examines traditional market cycles. Conventional wisdom has long held that "market cycles are a ...

Workers Comp and OSHA in the NFL

As we look forward to another season of organized mayhem on the football field, let's pause for a moment to consider the fate of many athletes who play the sport: a lifetime of disabling injuries. Today's example does not appear to involve brain trauma , but it does illustrate the important role of workers comp in professional sports. Michael Roos was a tackle for the Tennessee Titans. A second-round pick in 2005, he played for nine years. His first injury, involving his right clavicle ...

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