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Workers Comp Contemplates Co-Morbidities

Claims managers in workers comp face an ongoing challenge: how can you help an injured worker get better if personal health problems stand in the way of recovery? For example, how can you surgically repair the knee of an obese worker, or prevent infection in the wound of a worker with uncontrolled diabetes? How can you repair the back of a chain smoker, whose compromised lung function will likely undermine recovery?

Autonomous vehicles update

What's the current scoop on autonomous cars? Are they in the pipeline? And what are the changes we're likely to see? We have a few reports. One aspect of the effects of autonomous vehicles on the insurance market is the effect on cyber insurance. In a recent Claims Journal article, Aon Analytics says that the personal auto insurance share of global insurance premiums is 40%, and discusses how that is likely to undergo seismic change. On the other hand, some new insurance needs will surface.

The Science of Persuasion

Are you sufficiently persuasive? It's a vital attribute for leaders and it's the lifeblood for anyone in the sales field. But really, everyone needs to know how to be a good at persuasion. It's an important life skill in our day-to-day actions with colleagues, family members and friends. This animated video describes the six universal Principles of Persuasion that have been scientifically proven to make you most effective.

Renaissance Alliance grows with 7 new independent insurance agencies in CT, MA, NH

Renaissance Alliance Insurance Services, a gold standard coalition of forward-thinking industry leaders, created by agents for agents, announces the addition of 7 new member agencies. All are full service agencies located in three New England states. With the addition of these members, Renaissance Alliance aggregate premiums now top $532 million.

Three for Thursday: What we're reading

From our recent web readings, we offer three items that caught our eye this week: a tribute on the passing of an insurance industry giant, Jay Fishman;  a prescription for how independent agents can compete and win against current and future market threats; and a primer on the four types of data analytics that will change the insurance industry.  

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