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When the rubber hits the road: Customer experience after a large loss

One of the common reactions that people have about being replaced by robots is that "a robot couldn't do my job." But, indeed, millions of dollars in insurtech startups are betting on the idea that machines powered by artificial intelligence can indeed automate much of the insurance process, making things faster, easier and cheaper for both the insurer and the buyer. All well and good in terms of issuing a basic quote, but can machines deliver on more complex service?

2019 Insurance Industry Outlook: Deloitte Report

2018 has been a healthy year for property-casualty insurers and 2019 is shaping up to be a banner year, but "longer term challenges like the potential for economic slowdown and ongoing disputes over tariffs and trade rules may cast a shadow on the insurance market outlook." That's according to Deloitte's 2019 Insurance Industry Outlook, which you can view online or download a PDF copy. In addition, Sam Friedman offers his Insights on the Insurance Outlook in the Deloitte blog.

Bolster your agency's digital presence with these free tools

There are many free or low cost web tools to help you develop a robust digital marketing presence, both for your website, your emails and your social media accounts ... from tools that help you to polish your writing and design compelling posts to tools that will allow you to monitor and measure the impact of your efforts. We're posting a great infographic by Crello that lists 100 free tools, breaking them into various categories based on tasks and goals.

Agency social media themes for December: It's all about the holidays!

Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa will be here soon, followed quickly by the New Year. Spread some holiday cheer and offer tips on seasonal liability and consumer protection, both for families and businesses. Keep an eye on the weather for tips navigating seasonal hazards. Suggest some New Year's financial resolutions. Here are some links highlighting special events for use in your social media campaigns – it’s a good opportunity to create a dialogue about coverage!

Private insurance for the California fires generates controversy

The issue of private or "concierge" insurance has surfaced in the insurance-related coverage related the recent devastating fires in California. Articles with provocative headlines like Rich People Pay for Private Firefighters While the Rest of Us Burn (Motherboard) and Another Way the Rich Are Different (L.A.Times) talk about how mega rich celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have private forces protecting their property from the fires.
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