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Focus on Workers Comp: Who Pays for Medical Marijuana?

An injured worker suffered from pain, insomnia and twitching. Standard treatment through opioids was ineffective and carried the specter of addiction. So his doctor wrote him a prescription for medical marijuana. The results were impressive: the pain abated, his sleep improved and the twitching ceased. His anxiety and anger subsided. As a prescribed medication, the marijuana would be covered by the workers comp policy, right?

Redefine service to drive sales

Agency principals often ask us, “How can I build a ‘sales’ culture within my agency?” We suggest that they start by reframing their question. The truth is that you build a sales culture not by focusing on sales but rather on service. The key is to take small steps that shift the perceptions of your team and elevate even the most minor transactions to a personal level. We offer some tips to get you started.

July themes for your agency's social media: Fireworks, Grilling, Moon Landing & more

July is filled with celebrations, events and themes that offer opportunities for reaching out to your insureds in social media ... from safety tips about fireworks, grilling, boating and pools to maintenance for homes, yards, cars and bikes. One big highlight this year: the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing, so watch for commemorations.

The Two Biggest Hiring Traps Agents Fall into Every Day

There is no instant gratification in staffing – it takes time and effort to recruit and hire someone with the skills, work ethic, and personality that will jibe with your agency. When you’re in the throes of the interviewing process it can feel overwhelming - and all too often, agents walk right into two big traps in their hiring practices, which make the whole exercise harder than it needs to be.

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