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Agency Apostles

Customer service is the hallmark of a great agency.  We all think we provide good service, but what do our customers think? Agency management consultant Christine Sullivan, President of Innovative Management Solutions, shares her ideas for creating "agency apostles" an how to parlay their good will.


Agency apostles are those clients that are front-runners for your agency fan club.  They are those clients that are so above and beyond thrilled with their experience with your team members and with your agency, that they are willing to tell all of their friends about your agency and therefore provide a positive "free" marketing campaign.  Your agency has succeeded to create the ultimate "wow" factor, in their eyes.  These individuals will tell their friends and family just how great their experience was with your agency and are invaluable assets to growing your agency to its full potential. Agency apostles act as "cheerleaders" for your agency.


I know what you are thinking. "How can I obtain agency apostles of my own?"  The fact is, that it is actually very easy.  Treat your clients with respect by listening to them and taking the time to ask them what is important to them, first and foremost. Next, provide a marketing idea that draws them in. For every referral, enter them in a raffle for Red Sox tickets (we all know how Bostonians feel about New England sports  it's a no brainer!).  For every quote issued to these referrals, the referring candidate is also given an additional entry into the agency's drawing.  Last but not least, the referral source should also get another entry if and when the agency writes a policy for the referral.  That gives each referral source three opportunities for entry into this drawing, per referral!  If that's not a decent incentive to tell your friends about the wonderful experience you had with a particular insurance agency, what is?  How about running this drawing each quarter for one consecutive year?


Marketing ideas, such as raffles, are a great way to influence your current clients to spread the word about your agency to their friends and family. Even if 25 people refer 3 people each, that equals 75 sales leads you did not have before.  Furthermore, if only one-third of these referrals actually pan out, there are still 25 new clients added to your agency's professional "family."  The larger the number of clients an agency has, the greater earning potential for all parties involved (obviously!)  So sit down, create a marketing plan that encourages word-of-mouth marketing, and watch your agency grow exponentially!

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