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Are you your own worst enemy?
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Are you your own worst enemy?

Should you worry less about the big direct writers and more about the enemy within? Alan L. Shulman makes the case that internal enemies aren't as clear-cut as external ones, but they may be doing as much or even more harm. He says that internal enemies "... take on the murky shapes of strategic mistakes and tactical errors"  and offers nine examples in his recent article in Insurance Journal: Some Independent Agents Are Their Own Worst Enemy

We liked the "shooting oneself in the foot" theme of this piece and thought we'd see if anybody had any additional opinions about things insurance agents often do wrong. Sure enough - there was no shortage of material, see just a few below. You can probably think of your own -- and our colleague Curt Pearsall has no shortage of ways that agencies sometimes are their own worst enemies at his Agents E&O Tips.

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