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Bruce Cochrane honored by insurance industry
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Bruce Cochrane honored by insurance industry

Named 17th Annual Insurance Professional of the Year Winner

Erin Cummings, president of Board of Trustees for the Insurance Library Association of Boston presents the award to J. Bruce Cochrane, President, Renaissance Alliance. Photo credit: Agency Checklists

On October 15, nearly 500 members of our industry met to celebrate and honor Bruce Cochrane as the 2018 Annual Insurance Professional of the Year. The event was sponsored by the Insurance Library Association of Boston. Cochrane was the 17th honoree.

This week, Agency Checklists and The Standard both feature front page stories recapping the gala event.

Agency Checklists: The Massachusetts Insurance Industry Turns Out To Celebrate Bruce Cochrane, the 2018 IPYA Winner. The article by Julia Ybarra talks about the purpose and history of the award, and recaps the ceremony, noting that:

"As for those in attendance to honor Mr. Cochrane, they included last year’s honoree Mr. Timothy Hegarty along with other past IPYA winners including Charles Brophy, President, and CEO of Hub International of New England, who was the 2016 IPYA Award Winner, the 2015 IPYA Award Winner John Myers, Chairman of Associated Industries of Massachusetts Mutual Insurance Companies (A.I.M. Mutual). Also in attendance was the 2014 IPYA Award winner and former MAIA President & CEO Francis A. Mancini, the 2013 winner and Vice Chairman of Arbella, Francis X. Bellotti, and Eastern Insurance’s President and CEO, Hope A. Aldrich, 2012 Insurance Professional of the Year Award Winner."

The article includes an overview of Bruce's career in the insurance industry, along with an excllent 24-photo carousel of photos from the event, and the source of the photo used in this blog post.

The October 12 issue of The Standard also featured an article covering the event: Bruce Cochrane Honored as 2018 Insurance Professional of the Year. The article includes a recap of Cochrane's career as well as remarks from Daniel Judson, President of the Workers' Compensation Rating & Inspection Bureau of Massachusetts; Richard Davis, former CEO of Provider Insurance Group and Director of InsurBanc; and Heather Cochrane Russo, Vice President of Change Management at Renaissance Alliance and daughter of Bruce Cochrane. In accepting the award, Cochrane credited the Renaissance Alliance agency members and staff, along with his family, with special recognition to Janet Cochrane, his wife and Chief Operating Officer of Renaissance Alliance.

In a prior issue, The Standard also featured a Letter of Congratulations from the Insurance Library Association of Boston.

The Insurance Library's site includes a biography of Bruce Cochrane as well as a listing of prior award winners.

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