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Redefine service to drive sales

Agency principals often ask us, “How can I build a ‘sales’ culture within my agency?” We suggest that they start by reframing their question. The truth is that you build a sales culture not by focusing on sales but rather on service. The key is to take small steps that shift the perceptions of your team and elevate even the most minor transactions to a personal level. We offer some tips to get you started.

Tips for more effective marketing emails

Is email marketing among your strategic resolutions for a new year of communicating with your clients and prospects? According to Salesforce, email marketing has an average ROI of 3,800 percent. For every dollar invested, the average return is $38. And according to 2018 marketing statistics, email is the third most influential source of information for B2B audiences, behind colleague recommendations and industry thought leaders.

How is your agency giving back to your local community?

Does your agency participate in community events and good works? If so, make sure you promote your efforts in your social media and on your website. And if not, it is definitely time to start. One vital selling point that differentiates independent agencies from large national insurance distributors is locality: being right in the heart of the communities that you serve.

Survey: Customers show favorable attitudes to Amazon, Google for homeowners insurance

In early 2016, when online behemoth Google shuttered their insurance venture Google Compare after only a year in business, many within our industry breathed a sigh of relief. But large national players see a potential for disruption, and this time, the target may be the homeowners insurance market rather than the auto market.

Spreading your ideas

Seth Godin is an entrepreneur, a best-selling author, a marketing guru and a noted blogger. He says that people who can spread ideas, regardless of what those ideas are or what industry they are in, win. Watch his entertaining, though-provoking TED Talk.
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