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Important notice about your website's security: Enable HTTPS

As an insurance business involved in financial concerns, it's essential for you to protect all client data. Not only is data security required by law, it's imperative to take every possible step to earn your client's trust. And now there is another very important reason: Google is notifying all sites that collect sensitive information to to adopt the HTTPS protocol.

Homeowners insurance: Studies show high satisfaction, but many gaps in knowledge

According to the J.D. Power 2017 U.S. Property Claims Satisfaction Study, insurance customer satisfaction has reached an all-time high, despite coinciding with a 10-year high in catastrophic events. But the study notes that despite the peak in satisfaction, there are still problem areas, such as "water-related and other complex claims that take a long time to settle and that cause significant lifestyle disruption." Another recent study conducted by the Insurance Information Institute - the 2016 Consumer Insurance Survey Homeowners Insurance: Understanding, Attitudes and Shopping Practices - reveals consumer attitudes to homeowners' insurance, how buyers comparison shop for home insurance, and their understanding about homeowners insurance coverage.

Sales 101: Stop talking yourself out of a sale

At high performing agencies, sales functions are not an island inhabited by a select few. Every staff member plays an important role in furthering your brand and selling your organization. While your designated sales staff might be your primary sales ambassadors, your customer service reps are your secret weapon. Good service includes using one's expertise to solve customer problems and anticipate customer needs: in other words, selling.

Should you ditch the desktop in your marketing plans?

There's no two ways about it. Mobile usage is growing in leaps and bounds. Worldwide, more people use phones and tablets to access the web than conventional computers like desktops and laptops. Mobile use is averaging more than three hours a day. So should we just build for mobile devices and gear our advertising for mobile devices? Not so fast, say search experts. At Search Engine Land, Columnist Christi Olson makes the case that the desktop’s death has been greatly exaggerated.  Her article talks about how desktops continue holding an important place in an increasingly mobile world.

The Science of Persuasion

Are you sufficiently persuasive? It's a vital attribute for leaders and it's the lifeblood for anyone in the sales field. But really, everyone needs to know how to be a good at persuasion. It's an important life skill in our day-to-day actions with colleagues, family members and friends. This animated video describes the six universal Principles of Persuasion that have been scientifically proven to make you most effective.
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