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Mobile security alert: Juice Jacking

Plugging your phone or laptop into a public charging kiosk or using an unfamiliar charging cable can expose your device to malicious software stored on the cable itself. This malware runs the gamut from sniffer software that installs itself invisibly then watches what you do with your device and reports your actions to a third-party that slurps down your private data (contacts, photos, files, and passwords) while your device is juicing up.

Distracted Driving Month?

In the midst of your busy schedule, you may have missed the announcement that this is national Distracted Driving month. As far as I can tell, this does not mean we are supposed to go out and become even more distracted while driving. We surely don't need to create distractions: they are everywhere - the cell phone rings, the radio channel needs changing, oops, just spilled Dunkin on my new pants...and did someone just ding me with a text?

Coping with the growing threat of cyber attacks

Cyber attacks are a major global menace and a growing issue for risk managers and insurers alike. Currently, the FBI is probing a hack of the New York Times, as well as other major U.S. media. This follows on hacks of U.S. government agencies, political organizations and is just another new front in cyber attacks. Expect the government to get more involved in fighting global cyber warfare.
Meanwhile, on the domestic front, businesses continue to be a major target of attacks. From data theft to business ransom attacks, hackers target commercial entities of all sizes and industry segments. And the cost of such attacks may be far greater than is immediately apparent. A recent Deloitte report focuses on Beneath the Surface of a cyber attack on business performance. 
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