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Common bloopers that sabotage sales
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Common bloopers that sabotage sales

Start your day with this short article on common ways we sabotage our sales. Also, check out a quick video clip with a tip to help you close your sales.

Most of us are always trying to fine-tune our selling skills - or at least we should be. One bit of wisdom that experienced sales pros will often give to newbies is "don't get in your own way." We liked this brief article in Professional Agent offering the Top 6 Selling Bloopers—and How to Avoid Them, advice from motivational speaker Jeff Mowatt. It's a quick read that points out some of the ways that sales people frequently sabotage their own sales.

We also liked this short video tip from Jeff. He talks about one way that sales people can commit blooper #1 along with an easy, practical way to avoid it.


See more advice from Jeff at his Customer Service Blog. And if you liked this, be sure to check out Zig Ziglar's famous Shame Close.


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