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Compendium of cringeworthy customer service sins & mistakes

Compendium of cringeworthy customer service sins & mistakes

Business consultant and author Micah Solomon focuses on the customer experience and company culture. Recently he posted an article on 13 of the worst customer service mistakes in Forbes. It's a good read an worth your time - some of the comments that his post sparked are also worth reading. As an antidote, see his post on Customer Service Expert Advice: 5 All-Time Top Tips

There are definitely lessons for the insurance industry to learn. Gartner Research recently graded the P&C industry on eight top business trends for 2014, with customer service management scoring a dismal grade of "D."

A true customer-centric world includes business strategies where customers come first. Understand their lifestyles and life events, and create processes communications and channels based on understanding your customer. "But we do an inside-out approach," Harris-Ferrante says. "We create products based on how legacy systems are coded."

The industry is system-centered and products-centered, not customer-centered. In North America, 29% of P&C insurers have customer experience management strategy, and only 15% say they are ready for the next gen customer, she says, quoting research from a 2013 Gartner study. "We haven't even mastered the customer of today, but we need to talk about the customer of tomorrow."

Here are a few more ways you may be doing customer service wrong:

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