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Could your next colleague be a co-bot?
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Could your next colleague be a co-bot?

Are you ready to work side by side with robots? Meet SpotMini, a Boston Dynamics robot that beats many humans in the courtesy department. Watch how it helps out its colleague robot by rushing over to open a door to let it pass. Robots are collaborating now - can you say as much for your work team?


You can see more about SpotMini in this clip - the robot weighs about 55 pounds. Watch it roam around the office and do some domestic chores in the kitchen. It's all electric and sized to fit in homes and offices.


Boston Dynamics says that "SpotMini performs some tasks autonomously, but often uses a human for high-level guidance." Are they ready for prime time?

In Risk & Insurance, Liberty Mutual talks about co-bots in an article about manufacturing opportunities. The article discusses the very favorable environment for organic growth that is currently open to manufacturing but the industry faces constraints due to an industry-wide talent shortage and skills gap. A 2017 report by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute put the potential labor shortfall at about 2 million workers over from 2015–2025 period.

One solution? Co-bots.

Co-bots is short for "collaborative robots" that work beside humans, performing repetitive tasks or tasks that may be unsafe to "free up employees for higher-level thinking tasks like quality control or the actual programming of co-bots." However, this opens a new range of risks and opportunities for insurers and brokers, which Liberty Mutual discusses, outlining five critical areas with this illustration, below.

Are you ready for the co-bots? Even if you're not quite ready to hire a SpotMini in your office, your forward thinking clients will be!



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