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Flexing Those Strategic Muscles
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Flexing Those Strategic Muscles

Sometimes it can feel like we are  just buffeted around in a whirlwind of activity every day. We come in and start by cleaning up as many emails in our in boxes as possible and then the phone rings; we get pulled into a meeting that wasn't on the schedule; a customer calls with a problem; an employee calls in sick. Suddenly, that nice neat "to-do" list is little more than wishful thinking and the day has spiraled out of control. Do you recognize this scenario?

So when do you get time for strategic planning? If you're like most of us, you're probably answering "I don't have the time for it and question if it's even worth it.  What meditation is for the mind, strategic thinking is for businesses.  It's filled with rewards if you can find the time and discipline to do it.

In the recent Harvard Business Review blog post, Strengthen Your Strategic Thinking Muscles,  Liane Davey says:

"Your other response to your harried life might be to make a list of things to accomplish, put your head down and get things done. But focusing too narrowly restricts your chance to be strategic. Strategic people create connections between ideas, plans, and people that others fail to see."

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