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Have You Told Your Customers? April is Financial Literacy Month

April is recognized as Financial Literacy Month - and good timing too, since money is top of mind for many of us as we grapple with putting our financial houses in order to file our annual taxes.


According to Wikipedia, this tradition goes back to the year 2000, kicked off by

Jump$tart, a coalition of organizations dedicated to improving the financial literacy of youth. In  2004, the Senate jumped on the bandwagon officially designating April as National Financial Literacy Month for people of all ages.


This provides a good opportunity to reach out to your clients with educational and informational messages about financial wellness and the role that insurance can play in ensuring good financial health.


Here are some good resources that you might share with your customers:

  • 30 Steps to Financial Wellness - This great site from Money Management International offers 30 days of tips and tools to educate people about healthy financial habits. April is a good month to kick things off, but really, it can be used any month. Check out their handy list of Tools for Success

    • The Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy - a nonprofit that provides tools & resources for financial literacy in youth, from pre-kindergarten through college-age.

      • - a resource brought to you by 20 agencies and bureaus of the U.S. Federal government that work on improving financial literacy and education. It includes great tools, such as Budgeting Worksheets, Calculators, and Checklists. Also, see the Life Events section - which offers a blueprint of checkpoints when people should be considering changes to insurance.

        • 360 Days of Financial Literacy -consumer  tools from the American Institute of CPAs. See their sister sites, 360 Days of Tax Literacy and Feed the Pig.


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