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Have You Tried LinkedIn?

Do you have a LinkedIn page?  Should you have a LinkedIn page?  While Facebook is a great place to build online relationships within your local community, LinkedIn is a "must" to build your professional image and reach out to commercial prospects.  This is particularly true if you have a specific niche in your commercial customer profile, such as truckers, contractors, municipalities, etc.  Build out your profile completely and then start connecting with people you know.  The more people you connect with, the more likely it is that you will be found. As your network grows, so does your opportunity to invite those you would like in your network to "connect."


Next, choose a few groups to join.  Try about four groups to begin with:  two that are a gathering spot for other insurance agents and two that look like their membership includes your prospects.  Then get involved in each group, post something at least weekly.  Share your thoughts about a current relevant topic, ask a question or take a poll.  If you don't post and respond to posts you will not build your reputation as an "influencer."  Being an influence builds value in your LinkedIn reputation.  If you have chosen your groups well, you will find LinkedIn a great place to exchange ideas. If you haven't chosen a group that seems to click with your interests, try another one - there are thousands to choose from!


Building a company page is another important step to enhance your professional image. Make your contacts aware of what you are doing and why your agency is the place to buy insurance.  Be careful to strike a balance between self-promotion and providing useful information to your followers, with emphasis on the latter.  In any social networking forum, it's better to demonstrate your expertise via conversation and to keep a lighter touch in self-promotions.


If you get stuck at any point, LinkedIn also has a very good "Help" library including videos at your disposal. Like all social media, LinkedIn requires patience and consistency before you see results.  Check out Top 10 Tips from Best LinkedIn Company Pages



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