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Heads up on Football

Heads up on Football

As you watch your college football this year, we bring you a story of football intersecting with workers comp: How The NFL Lied Its Way Out Of Millions In Workers' Comp. It's hardly surprising that head injuries are surfacing in pro football as an insurance issue  - concussions have been under increasing scrutiny following suicides of major NFL players, which many believe were the result of head injuries. For more on the issue, see Concussion Watch from Frontline which also did an expose on the NFL and concussions called League of Denial.


Meanwhile, this isn't just an issue for professional sports. Concussions are also an important issue for student athletes. See this Boston Globe report: Mass. schools report 4,400 sports-related head injuries. If you send newsletters to your insureds or write a blog, you might bring this resource to their attention - a handout from the Centers for Disease Control: Heads UP: Concussions in Football Fact Sheet - it might be a useful resource for parents.

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