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Holiday roundup: Insuring Santa, seasonal litigation & more
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Holiday roundup: Insuring Santa, seasonal litigation & more

It's that time of the year when insurance editors have some seasonal fun with stories about Santa, the holidays and more. We've gathered a few for your amusement.  

Santa's insurance needs: A small business person writes to the Big “I” Virtual University’s Ask an Expert Service to find out if his HO-3 will cover his in-home business, if a personal auto policy will be sufficient protection, and if he needs a recreational vehicle policy. The business in question is an in-home “business” involving manufacturing and distributing toys for children. The business owner operates a vehicle that travels mostly by air, but with very frequent ground stops. The vehicle is unlicensed and, while it can be used on public roads, it was not designed as such nor is it used that way. Read the half dozen replies to his queries in HO HO HOmeowners: Even Santa Needs Insurance. 

Tree Liability: In Insurance Business, Will Koblensky notes that "For some families, choosing to cut down their own Christmas tree is part of an annual tradition and there’s a great many choose-and-cut tree farms throughout America.Bringing untrained customers full of holiday cheer on to a farm and handing them a saw, however, poses a challenge for insurers."

One business owner's risk is another business owner's opportunity: Learn more about Christmas tree liability in Oh Christmas Tree! Your insurance is amazing.

Speaking of trees, here's an interesting short feature on harvesting a million Christmas trees:


In the trenches in the so-called war on Christmas, Professor of law at Yale University and former clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, Stephen L. Carter looks at holiday related litigation about whether public celebrations should have religious references or not.  Here’s Some Litigation to Go with That Christmas Cheer Carter tells us that Christmas was not always considered a religious celebration:

It’s important to understand that Christmas as celebrated in the U.S. did not begin as a religious holiday. It was, in the words of historian Stephen Nissenbaum, an “invented tradition.” In his marvelous book “The Battle for Christmas” (which I always assign), Nissenbaum reminds us that Christmas in the 18th and 19th centuries began as something raucous, an atmosphere of carnival and misrule. People misbehaved, openly and ostentatiously. The churches wanted nothing to do with it. Many just as openly and just as ostentatiously locked their doors when Christmas rolled around. Earlier, the Puritans tried to ban it. But the forces of commerce and domesticity were too great to resist. Children wanted presents, and grownups wanted to relax and celebrate. And so, gradually, the churches gave in.

In other insurance-related seasonal news:

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Insurance company sets Christmas tree on fire to demonstrate holiday fire hazards (video)

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