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How & When to Make an Effective Facebook Post
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How & When to Make an Effective Facebook Post

Melissa Leiter blogs about 8 tips for a well-crafted Facebook post at ragan Social Media. She offers concise, smart advice -- worth checking out. We've summarized her top-line bullets to give you a preview, but do click through to see her detailed tips and advice.

1. Stay in line with your strategy and brand identity.

2. Post quality content.

3. Use photos.

4. Use shortened links.

5. Include a call to action.

6. Use hashtags and @mentions.

7. Keep the copy short.

8. Analyze.

If you're at a loss for some topics, check out our Consumer Blog archive for ideas, follow our Consumer Twitter feed which we update frequently or visit this blog at the beginning of each month for our post on themes for the upcoming month.

OK once you have your topic and you've written your post, make sure you launch it at the best possible time. This infographic from Social Caffeine offers a good guideline to go by. The author cautions that these times are not cast in stone and your audience may vary - but it's good to know the popular times for each media!

Courtesy of: Social Caffeine

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