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Important notice about your website’s security: Enable HTTPS

Important notice about your website’s security: Enable HTTPS

As an insurance business involved in financial concerns, it's essential for you to protect all client data. Not only is data security required by law, it's imperative to take every possible step to earn your client's trust.

Now there is another very important reason: Google is notifying all sites that collect sensitive information to adopt the HTTPS protocol. And Google has the clout to ensure that you take action. On Chrome browsers, insecure HTTP pages will be labeled as "not secure." Google has also said that at some point soon, all HTTP pages will be marked with a red triangle in Chrome so that site users will know they are on an insecure connection.

There are many additional reasons for moving to HTTPS now. Here are just a few:

  • You don't want competitor sites that are secure to get any edge in search rankings.
  • HTTPS is required for accelerated mobile pages (AMP), a technology that enhances load speed on mobile devices.
  • If your site is built in WordPress, more and more features going forward will require HTTPS.

Now you may not think you collect secure data from your site, but as a financial services company, do you want to take the risk of raising doubts in your customers' minds?

How do you know if you need to take action?

Open your browser and look at your site URL - if it starts with HTTPS, the 's' signifies "secure socket layer" or SSL and you have a secure site. But if your URL simply starts with HTTP and there is no "s" then you should convert your site to a secure protocol.

This requires asking your Web host to purchase and install a certificate and make any necessary changes to page URLs on your site. Google offers a technical guide for enabling HTTPS on your servers that you can pass along to your Web hosts.

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