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In the Future, Bad Typing Skills Won’t Matter
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In the Future, Bad Typing Skills Won’t Matter

Here's a little technology experiment from Bill Alexander, our Director of Learning.

I’m not a great typist – never have been.  In fact, for more than 30 years now I’ve subscribed to the “Four Finger Modified Hunt and Peck” method of typing.  It’s served me well enough… up to now.

Now things are changing. I’m getting a bit of arthritis in the index and middle fingers of both my left and right hand -- nothing severely debilitating, but enough discomfort at the end of the day to let me know that I need to start finding another way to keyboard.

So I have.  This past December, I purchased and installed Dragon Naturally Speaking 13, by Nuance Communications. For those of you unfamiliar with it, this is speech recognition software that allows the user to control all aspects of working with their computer and the software installed on it (navigation, working with applications, Web browsing, dictation) by using my voiceby (wearing a headset and microphone).

In 2016, I’ve challenged myself to learn and use this software well enough to do all my work with it when not in the office, and the “journey of discovery” is underway!  I’ll let you know how I do with updates along the way.  If things go well, I will have created the updates without using my “Four Finger Modified Hunt and Peck” method – but with only my voice.

Anyone else using voice recognition software on their PC to do their work? If so, can you share any tips with me?
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