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Insurance and Ebola: What you need to know
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Insurance and Ebola: What you need to know

The national hysteria over Ebola is calming a bit with the clock ticking down on quarantines. Family and friends of Thomas Duncan, the nation's only fatality, have been released from quarantine and the cases related to exposed healthcare workers have thankfully not grown beyond the two recuperating nurses. Missteps by the Dallas hospital and the CDC did not help to allay public fears and we're not out of the woods yet. New cases could still surface here in the U.S. and Ebola is still very much an issue for organizations with global reach.



MARSH outlines and discusses Ebola: Six Types of Insurance Coverage That May Apply. By way of summary, these include Workers' Compensation, Employers’ Liability, Travel Accident and Disability, Specialty Business Interruption, Environmental Liability, and Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability. The Insurance Information Institute also offers an excellent overview of insurance issues: Facts and Perspectives on the Ebola Pandemic


Insurers are reacting. Yesterday, ACE was the first major insurer to warn of possible Ebola-related restrictions on new and renewable business liability policies, which might affect businesses with employees who travel to the most hard-hit regions of Africa. Think energy workers, aid workers and the like.


Meanwhile, Ebola is spawning new coverage options: William Gallagher and Miller Insurance announced a new Pandemic Disease Business Interruption Insurance coverage and California-based NAS Insurance Services has partnered with Prospect Insurance Brokers Ltd. and Ark Specialty Programs of Lloyd’s of London to launch an insurance program for businesses facing the threat of Ebola-related closure.


For a comprehensive look at Ebola, Workers Comp, worker safety & other insurance considerations see Workers' Comp Insider's A to Z industry round up. It includes a good list of links to health, safety and prevention resources for various types of workers.


Here's an excellent short video that puts the overall risk in perspective.



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