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Insurance professionals remember Hurricane Katrina, reflect on lessons learned
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Insurance professionals remember Hurricane Katrina, reflect on lessons learned

Ten years after the $41 billion catastrophe that was Hurricane Katrina, former Louisiana Commissioner Robert Wooley shares his recollections with NU/PC360 Editor-in-Chief Shawn Moynihan. In Part 2 of this series, current president of the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents (PIA), Louisiana agent Richie Clements shares his experiences of what it was like to be in the trenches - see the video clip below and a March feature on Clements' experiences, The Rising. These articles and others that we've posted below offer valuable lessons in insurance-industry related disaster prep. They also show some of the most significant changes in the insurance industry since Katrina.






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5 major changes in P&C insurance since Hurricane Katrina

The disaster spawned changes in everything from catastrophe monitoring to advances in business continuity. This article discusses some of the major changes we've seen.

5 secrets to improving customer service after a catastrophe

"Social media also plays an important role in keeping customers apprised of what’s happening with a disaster. From educating them on how to prepare and minimize risk to getting onsite reports after an event, social media is fast becoming an effective means of communicating with customers. It also can be used to tell residents where a carrier will be set up after a disaster so customers can file claims. Emails and text messages can update insureds on the progress of their claims.

With all of these advancements and the lessons learned from previous events, we asked some industry professionals how to improve customer service and satisfaction following a major catastrophe. Here are five factors that impact how successfully insurers respond to their policyholders."

New Orleans 10 Years Later: Lessons Learned from Katrina

"Talk to anyone who worked in New Orleans or the surrounding areas after Hurricane Katrina about their experiences and the reaction from these first-responders is immediate and emotional. From insurance adjusters and restoration contractors to vendors and government responders, their memories of the weeks and months spent along the Gulf Coast are vivid and frequently painful."

This article offers hard-earned advice from professionals who have been in the trenches in the aftermath of Katrina. Some of the most important advice falls in the areas of being prepared, being ready to work remotely and harness technology and work remotely.


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