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Little white lies that stand in the way of your agency growth

Little white lies that stand in the way of your agency growth

As part of the social contract, most people tell little white lies to be polite and to avoid conflict. But James E. Faust noted that, "When we tell white lies, we become progressively color-blind." Nowhere is that more likely than in the white lies we tell ourselves to rationalize our way through our day. The white lies we tell ourselves are significant because they often allow us to avoid hard or uncomfortable truths. And that can blind us to opportunities.

If you happened to catch the recent "Salute to Agents" issue of The Standard, you may have noted that it featured an article by our Vice President of Public Relations and Development Heather Cochrane Russo on the Top Five Lies Agents Tell Themselves. Heather begins the article saying that:

"Agents are, by and large, incredibly honest people. We need to be – our very livelihoods depend on our reputations and the values we share with our customers. However, we’re human (I know, shucks.) Just like every other human on the planet, we tell ourselves little white lies to make scary, daunting, and overwhelming situations feel better. But we’re not doing ourselves any favors."

She then presents and discusses a list of five of the most common and "biggest lies we tell ourselves" – and ones that stand in the way of growth and prosperity. She offers thoughts on how to move past them. Check it out:

Top Five Lies Agents Tell Themselves

Courtesy of The Standard, March 22, 2019

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