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Marketing to Singles
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Marketing to Singles

Did you know that it's Unmarried and Single Americans Week Sept. 15-21, 2013? Well, it is and if the singles market isn't one you are actively targeting, you are overlooking a big chunk of the population. The number of single Americans has increased by 10% since the 1970s, rising from 17% to 27%, with 55% of these being unmarried women. Laura Mazzuca Toops of  offers 6 Tips for Marketing to Singles via a quick slideshow, with suggestions for advising them on how to protect their assets.


AdvertisingAge offers more tips: As Single Becomes New Norm, How to Market Without Stigma. Among their suggestions: "When selling to this growing, aging group, don't assume that they're all focused on getting married -- or must be singled out."


Related from the Insurance Information Institute: Living Single: Protect Yourself Financially With These Six Insurance Tips

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