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New MA Headlight Law & a Cool Tool About Motor Laws
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New MA Headlight Law & a Cool Tool About Motor Laws

If you live in New England, there's a new MA law about headlight use that you may want to tell your clients about. Starting in a few months, you will need to have your headlights on anytime you need your wipers. Owen Gallagher of Agency Checklist offers the detail, noting that it's a violation the police can pull you over for -- plus:

A violation of the statute does only carry a nominal fine. However, the Safe Driver Insurance Plan includes the amended statute, M.G.L. c. 85, § 15, in its list of minor surchargeable traffic law violations. So it is worth noting that a citation for violating this statute that results in a record for a civil infraction could have financial consequences to your insureds.


He offers a sample statement that you can use to informs clients.


In preparing to post this, we thought we'd check what headlight laws exist in other New England states and we found a list of headlight laws for all 50 states.


But even better than that, AAA has a very useful Digest of Motor Law states for the U.S. and Canada. You can look up a particular state to review their laws or you can look up a specific type of law - say Accident Reporting or Radar Detectors - and see the laws for all states in alphabetical order. There's also a tool that let's you compare states.


It's a great tool if you are planning to vacation in another part of the country or if you have a business or a personal reason to drive through contiguous states frequently.


If you insure MA drivers, let them know about the new law. Even if you don't, the handy Digest of Motor Laws might be worth bringing to their attention.

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